Q: heat problems on 2001 Mazda B2300

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My 2001 mazda b2300 is only blowing cold air. The thermostat does not come off cold, even after I've been driving for a while. Generally to my understanding you can replace the thermostat for about $5, but mazda only sells the entire housing for about $150. About a month ago I kicked on the heat, which was blowing warm air but there was a clicking noise coming through the vents. The clicking stopped along with my warm air. Please help! There is plenty of antifreeze and it has no problem actually blowing air out, just not hot air.
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Your clicking is actually an indication of a temperature blend door motor problem in the dash.

You may or may not have a thermostat issue, but the temperature blend door issue is probably your real current cause...
Even though it only clicked that one time? It never has since but the guage stays on cold....
Yes. The clicking is an indication of a stripped motor. It probably is totally stripped out now, not causing any further noise.
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