Q: Heat erratic blower blows but no warm air in park or stopped works ok when moving on 1999 Chrysler 300M

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Car will not warm up unless moving engine will be warm and the second you move warm air comes out. A/C works no matter standing still or moving no antifreeze has been changed for a while (2 years or more) so I cant imagine it would be air needing to be bleed. possible thermostat but why not all the time is there a sensor to prohibit cold air blowing going faulty? IDK any help is appreciated.
(1) Answer
The Coolant Temp sensor will prevent the A/C compressor from engaging if the engine temp is too cold. a failing Thermostat can be intermittent. POSSIBLE LOCATION OR CAUSE OF INSUFFICIENT HEAT
Obstructed cowl air intake. Obstructed heater system outlets. Blend door not functioning properly. Low coolant level, Air locked heater core or air in cooling system