Q: Heat comming from all vents when truck is moving.. Even when all controls are off. on 1997 Mazda B2300

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Our AC doesnt work.. Now even if the controls are off to everything when you are going down the road there is really really hot air comming from all vents including defrosters and floor.. I need HELP.. what can be done to make it stop..
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The way your air temperature is controlled is that there's a control cable going from the temperature lever on the control panel to the blend air door lever on the heater enclosure. The other cable controls which vents the air comes out of. The heater core has coolant flow all the time and the blend air door directs air through it or around it to control the air temp. You can find the control cables and where they attach if you look under the dash while operating the controls on the panel. The temp/blend air cable may have come off and you could reattach it if the clip is still there.
The temp/blend cable coming off is the most likely thing to happen. If the blend door is stuck, or has broken, you'll see it. You could even turn off the heated air by moving the door by hand if you needed. Hopefully that's helpful.
I will check that.. the door behind the glove box doesnt seem to open or close ever.. it just stays closed.. will let you know what i see later.. thanks so much..
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