Q: Heat and ac problem on 2002 Dodge Ram 1500

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Everything in this truck is new but my heat will not work , it will not change from floor to vents and the ac will not even come on . It just blows normal air in the floor , it will not heat up or cool down . No blown fuses and everything down to the thermostat , waterpump and heat/ac controls are new . Is it a relay ? If so , which one ? My fuse panel does not even list a heater fuse !! Please help , its getting cold outside !!!
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You must have a 2003 as 2002 did not offer a 4.7L engine. There is also a Technical Service Bulletin addressing this issue for a 2003 DR Ram Truck. TSB NUMBER: 24-004-03; GROUP: Heating & A/C; DATE: June 13, 2003
This bulletin is supplied as technical information only and is not an authorization for repair. SUBJECT: Defrost Door Inoperative
This bulletin involves replacing the defrost door and lower half of the
heater, A/C (HVAC) housing. MODELS: 2003 (DR) Ram Truck
SYMPTOM/CONDITION: The defrost door may break at the pivot shaft causing inadequate travel. The system may not completely close causing a lack of air discharge out the floor vents and full discharge from the defrost outlet. This may be caused by a broken actuator stop on the heater A/C (HVAC) housing.
I recommend you visit your local dealership for more inspection, diagnosis and repair.
I have a 2002 that I bought and it has the Diamer Chrysler 4.7 V-8 engine. They were available in 2002.
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