Q: Hear clunking noise from left front end driver side over bumps at low speed. on 1991 Toyota Corolla

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Struts and strut mounts are new...noise continued. Left wheel examined by mech. with no play detected. Noise heard when driving very slowly over bumps or uneven pavement and also somewhat when decelerating from high speed and coasting to a stop on smooth road. Ideas please!!
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Brakes NOT applied and still hear clunking sound on left front of vehicle. Hear noise when coasting or rolling slowly over uneven surfaces or on a slight decline with no breaks applied...there is a clunking sound. Also, as pointed out earlier, notice the same noise upon immediately taking foot off accelerator BEFORE breaking from higher speeds on EVEN surfaces. Thanks for your help..

brake component could possibly be loose. rattle even when brake not applied. if suspension checks out , check next thing. doesn't happen very often but it does.
Took 91' toyota corolla sr5 to mech. Checked front end for noise in front driver side. Engine mounts had bolts loose...tightened and repaired. Checked tie bar no problems...checked springs no problems...ball joints all ok. Checked breaks with no loose component noises or squeaking. Mech. said possible rack issue could be causing noise but he is not sure. Car steering and turning all good . Noise still detected when foot off pedal coasting VERY slowly over rough surfaces. Mech. is still unsure what is causing noise...said all is tight under car. Any other ideas welcome....
did he say anything about possibly repacking front wheel bearings? can't remember if that vehicle has indep. front suspension. if it does it could be CV joint. other than that i can't think of anything else. sry.