Q: heallights on 2002 BMW 325i

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i have a 325ci. zenon lights i changed the bulb but still not working i cheack the fuses and there all good. pleas if any one can help?
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Hi Sam,
Do not attempt to try to check the voltage with a meter! You will get a nice tingly shock throughout your body. 99% of the time the igniter is the culprit (the other 1% would be the xenon control module for the affected side). The head light will have to be taken completely apart to change the igniter. I would suggest the repair be done at a local high end BMW independent shop if the dealer is not an option.
thanks all, their is not power to the ignitor i switche the headlights and it worked fine so i know there is power to the headlight and that the bulb is good. but i dont know why there is no power to ignitor
Some bulbs burn out when human oils from fingers are present, this bulb might be bad try to remove the good bulb from the other side but use a clean rag, if it dosn't light its might be the socket.
If the fuses all check OK, and the good bulb from the other side works in the socket, you know its the bulb. If the bulb from the other side doesn't work, perhaps it's a ballast or igniter that's failed? I think swapping them to the other side too would be a test, though it might be a pain. I'm afraid I don't know voltage or resistance values so you can test them with a meter