Q: Headlights & interior lights flickering and door locks unlock/lock on own.. on 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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I have a '01 Monte with 73,500 miles on it and the dash interior lights flicker along with the headlights after the security light on the dash starts flickering on and off. Sometimes the light will stay on steady but it will still have the same problems. Also sometimes too, the power door locks will lock and unlock on their own while I'm operating the vehicle. I'm not 100% sure if a fuse/relay has gone bad or if there is a short circuit or if its the BCM (Body Control Module). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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It sounds like the BCM or one of its inputs could be causing your problem. The first place to start would be to check the BCM for fault codes. Check out and repair any that you find. If the problem is still there with no BCM codes stored the next step would be to monitor BCM inputs while the fault is active to see if any of the inputs are showing a problem. Does your car have an content theft (horn and lights flash if someone brakes in) alarm system, if so that would be another place to look for a possible cause. If your car has a factory content theft system that is part of the BCM also.