Q: Headlights have gone out--everything else works. on 1997 Volvo 960

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Headlights do not come on--other lights front and rear seem fine. Fuses checked--and are OK.
Have looked around and see there is a relay, or possibly a switch at fault.
Any idea on prices for either of these jobs?
Would love to fix it myself having just paid $860 for front suspension work!
As always I really appreciate your feedback and advice.
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I looked at the bulbs but could not tell.
they each seemed to have a small pale circle
on the glass there, but it all seemed intact otherwise.
how do you check them?
if you have a test light check for power at the plug if there is power there then the bulb is no good if you dont have a test light the easiest way would be to plug it in to another vehicle to see if it works then
Thanks. I contacted a mobile mechanic rather than risk the place I've been going to and
we'll see
what he finds out.
Thanks again for your help.