Q: Headlight adjustment on 2004 Buick Century

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I have a 2004 Buick Century and the headlights need to be adjusted up to see better. What's the best way to get them properly adjusted?
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aim headlites @ your garage and pop hood,turn screw on top clockwize until it moves up a little bits,then do other side.
if people high beam u,ur to
You could try the following to aim the headlights on your 2004 Buick Century. First you will need to park your car perpendicular to a flat wall, 25 feet away. On the wall place a tape line at the same height from the floor as the low beam head light bulbs. Next you will need two vertical tape lines at the vertical center line of the low beam bulbs (it may help to have a laser pointer to set these vertical lines). If you shine the laser pointer along the outside edge of the tires on one side of the vehicle and onto the wall you can measure from the laser line to the center of the head light bulb and then make the same measurement at the wall for one vertical center line, move to the other side of the vehicle for the other.
With the tires properly inflated and the suspension settled, turn the headlight on low beam. The edges of the high intensity portion of the beam should fall just under the horizontal line and just inside the vertical line. Adjustment are made at the headlight assembly. You may need to cover the light from one beam while you are adjusting the other.
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