Q: headlamp washer sprayer cover on 2005 Volvo XC90

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I need to replace the painted cover that connects onto the sprayer arm for the headlamp sprayer. How do you get the arm to extend out of the bumper long enough to connect a new cover ?
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Try pulling it out with your hand. I believe the thing is spring loaded, so it will pull out. It's been a few years since I tried this, so go slow and if it feels like it's not coming out, stop and try something different.
Let me know if that works, good luck!
You were exactly right and the task is very simple to perform. Thank you for the reply !

Activate the wiper motor and then have someone at the front and wait for second activation of spring loaded pump,
Grab the extended nozel at the front bumper with needle nose pliers hold it and attach cap to pins, remove pliers and the cap will be secured and retract.
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