Q: Head gasket was replaced but still have a rough start on 1994 Honda Civic

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Head gasket was replaced by a family member. But I still cant drive more than 2 trips or else my car will over heat. I won't be able to start my car. I have to wait for 10 min when i start my car again it will have a rough start wait for 5 sec until it stops putting. I had basicly ask friends, co workers and went to 3 mechanics to get it diagnose even at the cerritos normhonda dealership inspect it they said replace oil pan gasket. Is head gasket and oil pan gasket the same? The car was passed down by my Aunt. Which she really maitaned. My car has 120k . Please help me i loved this car. I cannot afford to purchased new or used car.
(1) Answer
did he put thermostat in it?? may have been original issue for overheat that cause the head gasket to fail.
Did he replace the cylinder head bolts?? if not, the torque will not hold and the head will loosen up on the block.
no, oil pan gasket is separate from the head gasket.
you should let a shop do the diag for you to see where you need to go with this repair.