Q: head gasket or more?? on 1996 Honda Passport

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i changed the spark plugs on my truck and cylinder 5 and 6 are full of oil,(spark plugs and plug cylinders are covered in oil)
could this be something as simple as Spark Plug Tube Seals a blown head gasket or cracked/warped head? Or am I looking at something more extensive it still runns and drives fine other than it has off and on a low knocking noise
And can i "unplug" the sparkplugs from the wiring tell i can get the problem fixed without hurting the engine? to avoid Miss-fire??
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The low knock noise is something I would investigate. Try to see if can duplicate and figure it out as to when it happens to pinpoint and hit us back for info. The tube seals sounds like a likely culprit. If the plugs are fouled then you have rings or valve guides/seals probs. Head gasket and cracked head probs would not be condusive to a good running engine. Do not drive with plug wires unplugged. You will still have fuel going into the cylinder and washing down the cylinder and past the rings into the oil and breaking down the oil.
Thanks much i will get the tube seals replaced asap. and see if the problem continues
and about the knocking noise it only happens on start up in the back right side after it has been sitting over night , once i rev up the engine it stops
Sounds like lifter rattle caused by bleeding down and then makes noise when started till the oil pumps up and noise goes away. Pay close attention to see if worsens.
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