Q: head gasket blown head maybe cracked ? buy new motor ? i'm broke so,.... on 1993 Honda Accord

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what is the most feasible resolution to my problem cause i gotta go to work buy still buy kids school clothes and i don"t have a lot of money to expend just right now....
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A blown head gasket may cause damage to the lower end of the engine as well. It is so hard to advice a customer when this happens, if you disassemble the engine and find its bad you have wasted time for labor (incurred cost) , if there is nothing wrong with the lower end and the repair shop says put in a re-manufactured engine repairing your own engine is much cheaper, if they put in a second hand engine that is unknown then you have an engine that is may be the same as yours the day before it blew up. If you trust the place working on the car you have got to respect the judgment or recommendation they make if not seek an opinion from another repair shop.