Q: having trouble with my Honda dash board gauges on 1994 Honda Accord

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I just bought a used Honda its was running fine then I had to change the starter which is fine everything was running good until couple of days ago...was on my way back home when all of a sudden the the tachometer and speedometer started going crazy up and down then it stopped was running fine then the speedometer went to zero and it has stayed there..the check engine popped up once for about less than 5 minutes and has not came on husband checked everything all the fluids are good he just flushed the radiator n put leaks or steam...oh I forgot the temperature gauge pointed past the red mark since I bouht it but like I said there are no leaks or steam going on...I told my husband its probably the censor or a fuse how can I find out whats going on..can u please give some advice
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