Q: having trouble with key switch turns off after starting key turns back on 1990 Chrysler Town & Country

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need help ignition switch
(1) Answer
If equipped, disarm airbag system, refer to MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES .
Remove left lower instrument panel cover.
Position gear selector to D and disconnect indicator cable, if equipped with automatic transaxle.
Remove lower panel reinforcement, then five steering column to support bracket attaching nuts.
Lower column and disconnect ignition switch electrical connector.
Position ignition lock cylinder in Lock position.
Tape ignition switch rod to steering column to prevent rod from falling out of lock cylinder assembly.
Remove two ignition switch attaching screws, then the switch.
Reverse procedure to install. Rearm airbag system, refer to MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES

This is a job for a shop if you have never done this before. the air bag is a tricky system that requires extreme care not to deploy while dias arming.