Q: having problem accessing engine dtc codes with snap on scanner on 2000 Volvo C70

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i accessed the trans ecu and cleared a code 012B but when i try to access the engine ecu it says no communication with scan tool etc,i can hear the car switching relays when i try to access (when i press the yes key on the scanner)the symptoms are engine light is on and car has a vibration at low revs and tends to jerk when i take off almost feels like an engine mount problem and shifting the gear change between N and D, thank you Ed.
ps enginbe is a 2.4 non turbo fwd
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Either your scanner is not compatible with the ECU or the ECU has a wiring, or internal issue. My bet is it's not compatible. This year the Volvo has a mix of old and new technology and the ECU is the "newer" of the two. Try contacting a euro shop and ask waht they use.
Good luck.
thankyou for your reply i'll give it a try the only problem is all the ones i've tried in this state say i have to bring the car into them and they will scan it.