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Q: Having heat problems !!!!! on 1998 Dodge Dakota

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I changed the coolant and thermostat,and now i have less heat... put a scan tool on it and the temp is only reaching 185 degrees and the thermostat open at 195.. not getting hardly any heat out of the vent of the truck.. It should be way hotter... took the hose goin to the heater core in the firewall and flush it with water some discoloration and a few pieces of dirt came out but pretty much back to the same thing again...All of the hoses seem nice and hot so i'm baffled and it's not overheating and the temp guage is exactly where it should be when running ...
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Engine coolant is delivered to the heater core through two heater hoses. With the engine idling at normal operating temperature, set the temperature control knob in the full hot position, the mode control switch knob in the floor position, and the blower motor switch knob in the highest speed position. Using a test thermometer, check the temperature of the air being discharged at the heater-A/C housing floor outlets. Compare the test thermometer reading to the Temperature Reference chart.

Temperature Reference
Ambient Air Temperature 60° F - 70° F - 80° F - 90° F
Minimum Air Temperature at Floor Outlet 144° F - 147° F - 150° F - 153° F

If the floor outlet air temperature is too low, Both of the heater hoses should be hot to the touch. The coolant return heater hose should be slightly cooler than the coolant supply heater hose. If the return hose is much cooler than the supply hose, locate and repair the engine coolant flow obstruction in the cooling system.

Possible locations or causes of obstructed coolant flow:

•Pinched or kinked heater hoses.
•Improper heater hose routing.
•Plugged heater hoses or supply and return ports at the cooling system connections.
•A plugged heater core.
If proper coolant flow through the cooling system is verified, and heater outlet air temperature is still low, a mechanical problem may exist.

Possible locations or causes of insufficient heat:

•An obstructed cowl air intake.
•Obstructed heater system outlets.
•A blend-air door not functioning properly.
If the heater outlet air temperature cannot be adjusted with the temperature control knob on the heater-A/C control panel, the following could require service:

•The heater-A/C control.
•The temperature control cable (not connected, not routed, or not adjusted properly)
•The blend-air door.
•Improper engine coolant temperature.
temp gauge sounds right, the dirt in the core does not. re flush the core with a garden hose and do it both ways till it comes out clear.

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