Q: Having an issue with my a/c in the car. But its registering full on fron on 2007 Honda Accord

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The a/c will not blow cold, but it does not need a charge either, the freon is registering full. It still works but its like the compressor does not kick in to make it cool I am guessing
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Question , to start with. With key on , engine off , if you switch the A/C on , does the condensor fan come on?
OK ,so I'll change the question. DO the fan(s) under the hood (NOT THE BLOWER MOTOR INSIDE THE CAR), come on when the A/C is switched on?
Not that I have noticed, I ran the car and turned the a/c on and the compressor never kicked in according to a neighbor
If the condensor fan doesn't work , it won't allow the compressor to kick on. Check relay and fuse.
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