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Q: Have to keep replacing brakes AND Rotors on 2006 Pontiac G6

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what can I do to fix the problem I have that my brakes and rotors keep needing repaired! I only have approx 39,000 miles on my 2006 G6, but have had to replace the rotors twice and machined twice!
Thank you!!
Replace the pads and rotors with a better brand. I had the same problem with my G6, and all it took was spending the 10-20% more on the parts, to get the best quality. I recommend OE ACDelcos or Raybestos Advanced technology rotors. ACdelco pads or Bendix CQ pads as well.
I have replaced my brakes and rotors so many times on my G6 that it infuriates me. The best thing to do is buy them with a warranty, they auto place always honors my warranty so now my brakes are free when i bring in the old ones to get new ones. Wish i new what was up with it though.. my G6 is a real LEMON ! Too many problems to list here.. i bought it new and have taken care of it, but it doesnt take care of me (sad)
with this one some manufacturers make sever duty pad these are designed to brake better for things like heaver trailers. they wear out the rotors before the pads. napa brand pads can either be raybestos or I believe wagner
What brand of brake pad are you using, usually discount brake and repair chains put very cheap parts that wear quickly. Try Raybestos, Wagner or Napa brand ceramic pads next time I sure you'll be suprised how long they last.
You are right on with the ceramic brake pads. I have used carbon pads and , "WHAT A MESS!!!!!!!!!!".I have to clean the mags on my truck every 1,000 miles and I hate it . When I change them next time I am going to use semi metallics or the ceramics. No question!!

To quote a member of a different forum: "It's not the part, it's the design on the vehicle that warps the rotors."

So, let's summarize what we can do: OR 1-888-327-4236 -- FILE A COMPLAINT with the NHTSA -- FILE A COMPLAINT with the government

1-800-762-2737 -- Call Pontiac and FILE A COMPLAINT

I just spent another $88 to resurface my "high performance" rotors, and I am PISSED.
2007 G6 2.4L Same experience as most of you guys. Rotors warped from day one. At first had them turned, but then warped even sooner. So then just replaced them with rotors from Advance / Napa, etc. Just as bad as originals. Replaced rotors pretty much every year. In 2014 I got drilled rotors from Max Pro through Amazon, along with ceramic pads. Put the sets on all fours. This set was smooth and all seemed well. It's now July 2015, and I'm detecting that old pulsation again. Seems kind of hopeless. My wife's Toyota Camry never had issue one. So we bought her a new Toyota. The G6 has had so many problems...too many to list. No more GM...sorry union guys....I tried. But enough is enough.
The brake warping is cause by the ceramic pads they're too hard of a compound for the rotor. I changed my pads to semi organic (which are by far cheaper) and I've had no issues with warped rotors since then. That was about 35000 miles ago. My brakes work just as good as before but the pads wear out before the rotors now as they should. Hopefully this helps someone.
I have a 2008 Pontiac G6 and I have 45,000 miles sms have gone through 4 rotors. I'm Sick of relaxing them every 2 years. My mechanic hasn't a clue and I've tried more expensive rotors and pads too no avail. Good bye GM crap. The last pair didn't last 2 years and under 10,000 miles. I drive like an old lady so it is not me. The car is driven 5 times a week, just short distances.
look folks, I have done mine 4 times and the ONLY success I have had is to use DRILLED/SLOTTED rotors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolute. I concur with another reader regarding the pads... use ceramic!
Ive swapped over to a brembo system and still same problem only part not swapped is the calipers themselves
How long have you had your drilled/slotted rotors? Because I, too, thought that fixed my problem, until a few thousand miles into my high-performance drilled/slotted rotors, I had to resurface them!
...oh yah... and now I need front brakes AGAIN.
Push for a recall; seems like poor design and metal on G6 brakes..Its the first Auto that I ever replace brakes on below 30,000 miles..Damn tired of warping rotors and turning them just to have the same thing happen again...
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