Q: Have to jump starter to get vehical to start HELP on 1999 Dodge Caravan

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I bought a used 1999 dodge caravan from the guy down the street.. Took it to get fixed (the airbag light was on and the horn and cruise control didnt work.) I now know that those three problems are probably the clockspring but(NOW) While he was TRYING to figure out the problem something went wrong!!! NOW it wont start at all!!! He had to rig it so i can jump the starter with the battery(not a long time fix i know) Can ANYONE Please HELP
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This can be difficult to diagnose without actually having hands on. The starter control circuit has: Starter solenoid, Starter relay, Transmission range sensor, or Park/Neutral Position switch with automatic transmissions, Clutch Pedal Position Switch with manual transmissions,
Ignition switch, Battery, Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and All related wiring and connections.
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