Q: Have to have window replaced in vehicle on rear passenger side...cost estimate? on 2004 Lexus RX330

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I had noticed for some time that the window was lagging in opening or closing all the way. After getting into the vehicle and putting up the windows I heard a loud noise from the within the window and saw it would not go up or down and was stuck midway. The motor continued to run briefly but window stayed in place. Took it to shop and was told it was the regulator. Tech put window in place and said not to lower it and bring vehicle back to replace the part. I noticed while driving it I could hear something within the door knocking around when I made any sharp turns. After they got the new regulator and took it apart I was told the issue is the window assembly and not the requlator. Something about the braket that attaches to the window cannot be glued to it and I would need to purchase the whole window and bracket assembly. Does this sound accurate and how much should this cost me? Thank you for your input.
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