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Q: Have checked assembly, bulbs, retainers and the problem persists: shakey headlights. on 2000 Lincoln Town Car

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Do I need to replace the whole headlight units, I mean the complete assemlby? Apparently everything is in its place, but headlights shake while riding and really need to know if there's a solution. Thanks.
If the lamps themselves are moving, it must be how they are mounted. If the bulbs are shaking inside the housings - that could be an issue.

I think if you had a technician local to you have a look at them with you, there would be a solution pretty quickly.

Click that link for some shops near you.
It must be that bulbs shake, because every time I check make sure lamps get mounted properly, once the retaining clamps go all the way down they don't move, they feel very tightly installed.
Kind of bizarre; make sure you have the correct bulbs installed - it's possible a similar size bulb is in the housing, but the bulb itself is wrong. Go to a parts store and look up the right application. It's worth $20 to get two new bulbs to see.

I've also seen where "special" bulbs that are installed (the kind that pretend to be HID bulibs) can also melt the housing, causing all kinds of problems. Look for the housing mounting area too and make sure it's ok.
Thanks for your answenrs and good advice. Bulbs are 9007 application, as indicated in owners manual, they are sylvania's silverstars. I am starting to think if the bulbs are not snugging fit in the assembly...or what else could cause this?
Again, check the mounting of the bulbs - they may not be seated correctly or the plastic may be malformed at the lamp assembly.
Finally discovered the reason headlights wobble: level unit inside assembly started to get loose with time and every bump in the road makes it tremble. Got to replace whole assembly, so owners of LTC model 2000 keep this in mind
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