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Q: Have check eng. light on. Code reads PO456 Evap small leak. Sent it to Kia deale on 2007 Kia Optima

12-18-12 1st they replaced the valve-purge control for code P0456, said they tested the valve and it was not holding. On 12-20-12 the check eng. light was on again. I Plugged in my OBD and it showed 2 codes P0456 and P0456pd. I went back to dealer on 12-21-12 and told them my check eng. light was still on. Came back to me and told me that I had a P0442 code and said that I needed a new gas cap. I told them that I had already replaced the cap with a non OEM brand and they told me it was bad. I told them that I checked the codes before I brought my car in and the only codes that came up were p0456 and p0456pd not P0442. I told them I was not going to pay for the new gas cap because of my not seeing that code before I brought it to them. No charge and sent me off. Got gas on 1-7-13 on 1-9-13 the check eng. light came on again. On 1-14-13 brought car back to dealer for the 3rd time with the same 2 codes. Asked for a smoke test, which they did. They also replaced my ccv valve (canister close valve) and road tested my car, drove it 20 miles. No codes detected (they said). On 1-30-13 check eng. light came on again. I haven't brought my car back to the dealer yet partially because I had not been feeling well. I recently found a hose clamp on the purge valve that could have been tighter so I put on another clamp, erased the code and am now waiting for the check eng. light to come on again after I drive 50 to a refill my tank. Any ideas what the problem could be?
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Here is the text from a Kia Technical Service Bulletin that may help:

OPTIMA(MG) >2007 > G 2.4 DOHC > Purge Control Solenoid Valve (PCSV)
Monitor DTC Status

If any codes relating to Fuel tank pressure sensor, Canister closing valve or PCSV circuits are present, do ALL REPAIRS associated with those codes before proceeding with this troubleshooting tree.
Start engine to normal operating temperature

Evaporative Emissions Systems (EVAP) Leak Tests can be run by the Scan Tool. The tests are automated and provide either a pass-fail result or directions to check for DTCs.
Install scan tool and clear DTC
Perform "EVAP. LEAKAGE TEST" mode referring to enable conditions as below

EVAP. Leakage Test enable conditions
- Following conditions must be fulfilled to start the test.
1) Engine warm up at Idle Status
2) No relevant DTC
3) Fuel level is below 80%
Is DTC P0456 set again?
▶ Go to next step as below
▶ Fault is intermittent caused by poor contact in the sensor’s and/or ECM’s connector or was repaired and ECM memory was not cleared. Thoroughly check connectors for looseness, poor connection, bending, corrosion, contamination, deterioration, or damage. Repair or replace as necessary and go to "Verification of Vehicle Repair" procedure
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