Q: Have a 96 Olds LSS. Can't get the console mounted shifter out of park. on 1996 Oldsmobile LSS

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Car has 146k miles. Well maintained. Clean fluid that's full. Shifted fine before this happened. Step on brake pedal, and hear the shiftlock disengage.
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According to the service manual, the shift interlock works as follows:
Pressing the brake pedal de-energizes the solenoid. The restrictor arm moves clear of the shift lever arm, allowing the gear selector to operate normally. The solenoid is located below the console shifter. It appears there may be a mechanical or electrical issue preventing the restrictor arm from moving clear of the shift lever arm. I can't attach diagrams of this system but I would look into buying a set of service manuals to diagnose and repair issues on your LSS. I got a set for about $40 on ebay.
Thanks for the reply. Recently, I tried a shot of Liquid Wrench in the pushbutton on the shifter knob. After working at it for a bit, it worked. No problems since.
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