Q: Have a 96 Camry 2.2 4 cyl with engine code p0301. What is it? on 1996 Toyota Camry

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Fairly new plugs and coil and wires and cap and rotor. Don't understand the code. Have a large in air intake hose for breather could it be my culprit?
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If you still have the original toyota wires , i'd put them back on and if it consistently throws ONLY P0301 then try swapping plugs from cyl.1 & cyl.4 and see if the misfire changes cylinders ...let's go from there
P0301 means it's detecting a misfire in cyl. #1.what brand and who and when (mileage and date) put plugs coil cap and wires and did any of those parts show damage?Do you still have OEM intake setup ?
Yes oem intake. And plugs and stuff were done with the timing belt 33000 miles ago. Plugs look great for most part no crazy gaps and no crazy fouling. No damage to the parts. We just purchased the car and found the records showing the work. Plug has a boot with small tear at bottom by plug could this be my misfire or the intake hose that goes to breather be my problem? car only has a small miss in gear at an idle. No other misses or anything only when idling at stop in drive. Also have new oxygen sensors.
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