Q: have a 2006 equinox,the drl wont work,all other lights do when dark but drl on 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

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indicator flashes on dash but no drl.I replaced the resistor and the relay,any other ideas??
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not helpful but thanx anyways....could have given a suggestion or two as to what it may be..or dont you have any??
I have the same problem but a 2006 pontiac torrent. There is a service bulletin out for this issue 07-08-42-002A. Just do a google search, plenty of results if you miss the those lights. Just have to replace the resistor. Here is a good description.
we replaced the resistor and the relay,the drl lights wored fine then decided to quit...resistor was definiely bad glad w replaced but didnt fix the problem.we did replace headlights about 2 weeks before drl quit could this have anything to do with it??We put in sylvania xtravision 9007.thank you for yor time and response appreciated.
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