Q: Have a 01 park ave base- has a code of p 0102 - Mass air flow- . Checked cod on 2001 Buick Park Avenue

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Checked code due to stall at highway speed- it cut out then restarted itself.. Bought new air filter and a can of cdc mass airflow cleaner.. Due to pick up daughter and stalled again after doing a left turn- started right up. After picking her up no problems.. After doc. appointment-went onto highway to see if it would stall again- started to loss power- took next exit then the car stalled- put into neutral- started right up.. Any type of test to verify that this the problem??? could it be something else that would kick off code p 0102?
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did what you stated and the car runs without any stalling..Turned around and replaced the M.A.F, sensor and the check engine light went out plus the car does not stall anymore.. thanks.
With engine at warm idle tap maf sensor with say a screwdriver handle, if any response from engine replace maf sensor, common problem.