Q: have 96 dodge ram 1500 v8 auto.5.2 shortbed bought 2 weeks ago on 1996 Dodge Ram 1500

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the problem is it makes a whining sound when driving down the road. the guy i bought from sayed he had the fluid checked in the rear differential and it was ok.he also said it had a low gear doesn't seem to be out of alignment the steering is smooth and doesn't pull to the right or left idles smooth. tires are all the same size and properly inflated .i don't really believe he's telling me every thaing is there somethaing i can check on my own thanks
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Are you sure it's coming from the rear? Check power steering fluid level. Also differential may have correct fluid level and still be bad. I know of some that's had to replace them on dodges.
power steering fluid level is fine as are all other fluid levels but i will check the differential fluid myself could it have anythaing to do with transmission it doesn't slip shifts fine into passing gear and has plenty of power thanks guys for all your help
Mine does the same thing but diffrence is the guy had put in a ford pinon lock bolt insted of a dodge an it makes a winding noice so check the lock bolt on the rear end it may be bad if so rock auto has the parts for 200$ something
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