Q: has anyone replaced their fan clutch with an electric fan on 1997 BMW 528i

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has anyone rplaced the clutch fan with an electric fan? if so how well is it working? i'm thinking about doing that any suggestions? thanks
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To replace a " viscous coupling fan" with an electric fan you will have to find a place to mount a thermoswitch I would look for a thermoswitch that would mount in a coolant hose as opposed to the thermoswitchs that just push into the fins of the radiator core.There are companies that supply an adjustable rheostat switch that allows you to set the temperature the fan comes in at. Research to see what the largest fan you can fit that has the most air flow through the radiator and wire a mechanical over ride switch in for good measure.
hey pat, thanks for the info...i was a little late getting your reply, i was trying to locate 12v for the fan! i was checking in this round black plastic object that has a top that screws off, it is mounted near the rh shock has several pins in it.(i'm sure u know what i;m talking about)i tried to run the fan, only got a my car wont start!!! HELP
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