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Q: Has anyone had their GM dealer repair the fuel sensor unit? on 2007 Buick Rainier

I own a 2007 Rainier with 52,000 miles. I am wondering if replacing the fuel sensor consist of replacing the whole fuel pump. I have received a letter from GM stating they will pay for it to be fixed. My dealership is telling me I need ri purchase and repair fuel pump before they will fix my fuel level sensor. Is the fuel level sensor a part of the fuel pump or completely different? My vehicle drives fine I just drive with my needle on empty 24/7!!! Thanks for any help!
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Why dont you just have the work done? What else do you want them to do at this time? There should be a phone # on that letter so call it, GM will explain, i'll bet on it!!!
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Didn't understand the part, I need ri purchase, The pump module unit has the fuel level attached to it. It can be replaced separately, and it can be purchased separately. Just read bulletin, it says they will pay 50%
Thank you! GM is now willing to pay 100% for it to be fixed. My isssue is with the dealership telling me I need to pay $600+ for a fuel pump. I read the following on another site... General Motors does not service the fuel level sender seperately, you'll need to install an entire new fuel pump assembly in order to replace the fuel level sender. You are telling me they are 2 separate parts. If it is true GM does not just fix the fuel level sensor why should I be out $600+?
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It can be done at an independent shop, but the dealer wants to be sure you don't come back with a complaint on the part they didn't replace.
Excuse me for jumping in here but that letter you have has a phone # on it i'll bet! Call it and let GM explain it to you!
I have spent countless hours on the phone with GM from the phone # on the letter and they are just as confused at what the dealership is saying. Thanks for your useless tip pushrod!
Well i never!!! LMAO! (wow) I can see why!! If GM cant explain it then we haven't got a chance. However post the results so maybe others can figure it out if it happens to them. Good luck with it.
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