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Q: Has anyone had problems with the front windshield leaking? on 2005 Mercury Mountaineer

A coup,weeks back I noticed a little seepage or what I actually thought was just condensation from cold weather on the top right hand side of the front windshield of our 2005 Mercury Mountaineer Premier model. Upon checking like I said I just dismissed it to condensation until the next rain we had I saw the same thing, accept worse this time, and yesterday on our way into town my son and I heard wind like a window was cracked but all were up and sealed!! So he began to feel around the windshield and said dang Dad, there's lots of wind coming in through the windshield seal!! So... Has anyone else had this issue?
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Thanks for the reply guys!! I am calling my insurance company today for a list of local service providers that they would recommend for this repair, or rather preventative maintainence!! Surely if it's not repaired I will have interior damage, the car is and has always been sheltered and is in Like New condition. I have even had people call me a LIER after telling them the car is 10 years old!!!! But it is and still has only 68K miles on it..still running the factory rubber on it.. They are rotated at every 3000 mile oil change, and it is changed EVERY 3000 miles no questions asked !! We also still have our 1998 Ford Explorer that we purchased brand new as well back in. June of 98.... It has 188K on it and we have never had one minutes trouble out of this car!!!! Replaced the ALTERNATOR @ 120K as well as the serpentine belt idler PULLY @ 120K, other than that it's been only brake pads and the occasional battery!! It's the 4.0L V-6 model and it don't burn a drop of oil between each 3000 mole oil change!! The tranny has been fully serviced at every 50K miles but has recently begun to hesitate before going into reverse, and it now has the torque converter shutter when shifting into Overdrive .... But other than that the car is tip top!! It's never put us down ANYWHERE!!! Plus it still looks great, the Red paint has held up very well... We had to have the transmission replaced, well actually just rebuilt..back in July of 2013 it only had like 64K miles on it when a Band broke inside the housing lost reverse and fourth gear forward!! It is the Premier model with the 4.6L V-8 and ALL WHEEL DRIVE TRANSMISSION in it....the 5R55S tranny..I found that these particular trans. Are notorious for breaking down and what's even worse is Ford Motor Company have put these very trannys in several of their models all the way from Trucks to the Mustang GT!! And you know if it won't hold up to the 4.6L engines they damn sure ain't gonna hold up to the 5.0L in the Mustang GT's!!! My wife and I love the Mountaineer,it's quiet and really comfortable , but the issues with the cracks on the rear lift gate and having to shell out almost $4000.00 for a eRly in this cars life compared to the service we have gotten from ole red is just Uncomparable!!!!! Thanks again for the advice on the windshield leak!!
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