Q: has anyone had an issue with involuntary acceleration. out of control RPM. on 2003 Jaguar S-Type

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While applying my brakes at a stop sign, the car went into a malfunction, causing the car to involuntarily accelerate. putting both feet on the brake did not slow it down. Car was reving at a high speed on to incoming traffic. I needed to crash into something in order to stop the car. Terrifying. Everything in this car is electronicly controled. Brakes, gas, etc.
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You aint going to like this but i have been around cars all my life, that is all i know. I also know that every time something like this happens it has always been driver error. Something pushed on the gas pedal to make your car accelerate, floor mat or maybe the right side of your shoe but something else besides the car is the culprit, i will bet on it. Get a mechanic to check it out for you. If i am wrong please let me know.
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