Q: Has anyone had a problem with sudden acceleration? on 2008 Kia Rondo

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I was driving down the road when my car suddenly accelerated without my touching the gas and I could not stop it. I ended up hitting a electrical pole. Scared me to death and I have no idea what caused this to happen. I was not accelerating at the time and then couldn't stop. Has this problem been reported previously?
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Usually when this happens, it is due to something interfering with the gas pedal. Floor mat or other object in the drivers floor pan area. Toyota is a good example, that is what the whole deal was with that unintended acceleration recall. Incorrect floor mats. However have a tech. check everything out to see IF it might be another problem. Post the results so other will know what happened. ★★ Recall SC098 call dealer with vin to see if this repair 'was' still pending before the accident. You can also Google that recall number SC098 for more info.
I have heard of one instance where a person had the speed control on then when pulling into a parking lot the speed control never disengaged and the car jumped the parking block and hit a wall. I would give your local dealer a call and see about recalls.
IF that is a confirmed report on 'these' vehicles there will be a recall if not already! IF you heard about it so did the NTSB, I'll bet on that. Should be a rather easy one to figure out 'IF' it is equipped with cruise and was in use at the time. **I checked and there is a recall for a defective brake light switch which could cause the cruise not to disengage, among other problems. This year/model was included.
Anyone with these affected vehicles should NOT use cruise control until it has been checked by the dealer!!! Google Kia recall SC098 if repairs have not been performed yet!
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