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Q: Has anyone fixed issues with the Gear Box? See the message Gear Box Fault? on 1999 Jaguar XJR

I put the car into Park after driving and when you go back to start the car the car will start but the car will not move out of Park and go into reverse. You either have to wait for the car to "reset itself" to move into reverse, tow the car to home and wait, or we have seen where we "jerk" the car back and forth with two people in the front seat and the car goes back into gear and then goes into Reverse. No issues with starting the car and no other issues with the car. I had the tranmission rehauled last year (due to the car hit a pot hole and it damages the transmission) and also went back for them to re-look at this as a possible problem. When this happens the light on the dash says "Gear Box Fault". This message does not always show when this happens. I really need to know how to fix this. Please help me if you have any ideas. 1999 Jaguar XJR with 78,000 miles.
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This is not a DIY project. Take it back to the shop that did the work and have the modules checked. Neutral safety switch and brake light switch can ruin your day as well. Are all the brake lights working? These cars were plagued with electrical gremlins.
Thank you for answering. What do you mean by this is not a "DIY project"? Have what "modules" checked? Are you referring to the people who completed the "Transmission replacement" from the car hitting the pot hole? This happened due to the car riding lower to the ground and the pot hole was very long and wide. The car literally went down into the ground part of the street. This was during the rainy season.

The brake lights are working fine. The only thing I am asking about is if anyone has any experience with their Jag having issues with the car being in Park, stopping the car (turning off the key), and then having the issue with not being able to put the car in reverse after starting the car. It is like the car slips out of gear "in park" even with the parking brake on. I am not on a hill or a slope. Any ideas? Thank you.
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We work on Jags and have seen modules lock the tranmission in park for no reason that's why I responded. It's going to need a module, third brake light or neutral safety switch. You need a computer to interface with the module. Again, this is not a DIY project. Take it back to the shop and be prepared for electrical problems such as these in the future.
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