Q: Has any one had a problem with the brake lights and turn signals not working on 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

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I have check fuses, changed brake light switch, checked bulbs and mutifunction switch
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You either have a blown fuse that you have not found, a 'defective combo switch' or a broken wire (open circuit). Suggest testing ALL the fuses you can find with a test light by touching each side of the fuse, on EVERY fuse!!! I dont care if it says it is for an ejection seat, if it looks like a fuse TEST it. I see this way to often at the shop, folks finally bring in their vehicle after they have checked and replaced this and that only to find a fuse blown that they had already checked! Way too often. FIRST thing I do with any electrical problem is test ALL of the fuses, with a tester, then go from there.
Someone said to check the head light switch is that part of the brakelight circuit on the dodge
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