Q: Has any one else reported losing serpentine belts? on 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager

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I've lost 4 serpentine belts in less than a years time owning this vehicle.I've been informed there is a new pulley system with a double sided belt for this van,but no recalls.
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there is a kit from chrysler that does not allow the rain to get up there and knock off the belt.
also, the tensioner should also be replaced.

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i just worked on a 2000 grand caravan with the 3.8l awd.the belt has come off three times this summer that i know of.this past sunday i was told it was shredded so i put a new one on and 20 mins later the customer told me it fell off again.he says everytime he drives it in the rain its coming has a new tensioner,1 new idler and a new water pump also.