Q: Has a bad miss and blowing gas out of exhaust on 1995 Ford Windstar

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I went to start my car one morning to let it warm up and when I came back out it was missing and the smell of gas was terrible. My husband changed spark plugs and wires used gas treatment, changed the coil pak and still didnt help. the code showed p0300 random misfire so we replaced crankshaft sensor and it still hasnt helped. any suggestions?
(3) Answers
this vihicle had two temperature sensors one for the gauge and one to the computer, if your car runs fine when first started but not once is warm then it is a good chance is the sensor for the ecu, it controls the amount of gas to be injected when cold or hot when is cold it need more and if it does not change the amount when hot it will missfire, smoke, or dont run.
Have the ecu scaned first, before any more repairs
good luck with your repair