Q: Harsh shifting 1st to 2nd on 1997 Honda CR-V

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Having this exact Problem "Some vehicles with the automatic transmission can have an issue with a harsh shift from first to second gear." seems to happen when moveing from a coast in 1st gear to accelerating into 2nd. seems to get progressively worse over time to fix?
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I have seen this problem on both the CR-V and the Civic. In both cases there is a linear solinoid that can cause the problem or if not then a broken spring inside the transmission that can create the same issue. The cheapest thing to do is to replace the linear solinoid and flush the transmission. If there is no change then the transmission will need to be replaced. The spring is deep inside the transmission and would require complete disassembly for replacement, and it's ususally more cost effective to replace the transmission as a unit. Honda has issued a bulletin on this issue. As far as I can recall it's been about 50/50 between the spring and the solinoid to repair the problem. Some customers choose to live with the issue due to the cost involved.
I have replaced solenoids that have repaired the shifting problem. My best estimation is that it works about 50% of the time.
any sense for the probablity of success w/ the solinoid?...have you ever see it work?
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