Q: Hardly any power when I push on the gas peddle sometimes then it lurches. on 1995 Ford Taurus

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Usually happens when the car has been driven for a while. It has a new fuel pump (Second time put one in. The last one was bad.), New Distributor coil was recently put in along with the ignition system (Not where the key goes). I wasn't sure if the timing could be off. The mechanic fiddle with it some after putting in ignition system.
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I had a similar problem with my 3.8L V6 95 Ford Taurus GL. I found that after replacing (2)of(2) Oxygen (O2) Sensors, my poor pickup & lurching problem went away. It is my understanding that the O2 Sensors tell the fuel injectors how much gas and air to send to the pistons. My gas mileage was also greatly improved. Don't overlook replacing your spark plug wires. I also found one old wire was shorting intermittently with the coil.
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