Q: hard time starting on 1993 GMC 1500 Pickup

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My fathers truck does not start until the 4th time (turning key) when starting cold. Can drive a short distance leave sit for about 1/2 hour and starts the same way when cold.
Truck has 110,000 miles.
THANKS for your help.
(4) Answers
It sounds like the fuel system is not pressurized when you try and start the engine. The way to check this would be with a fuel pressure gauge connected to the system. Look for fuel pressure when you turn the key on. If the fuel system is not pressurized when you try and start your car it will not start until enough pressure builds.
my 2000 gmc will start sometimes on the first crank but a big percentage of the time on the second or third. im thinking either the plugs or distributor cap. what do you think?
fam5, I would start your diagnoses with the fuel system as I recommended to joesmith previously. It is allways a good idea to make sure fuel pressure is correct and holding when diagnosing hard starting or extended cranking issues.
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