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Q: Hard starts now dieing while driving on 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

Where is the crank sensor loacated on a Chevy 2002 2500HD 8.1? After reading several posts and comparing my trucks problem, I am willing to try and replace the sensor. Began with hard starting after short drives and now has started dieing idling and a couple of times recently stops running while driving. Had all tests performed at dealership and they can not figure out so this is a start. I also understand I will need to have a scanner once replaced but believe I can rent one from a local auto parts store. Thx.
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Hey Burt, sorry to see you didn't get any help with this problem. Were you able to figure out what was causing the driveability problems?
I'm not a fan of replacing parts without a proper diagnosis, but it sounds like the dealership looked at this somewhat. Were they able to pull any diagnostic codes from the engine module? Did they look at all the technical service bulletins from Chevrolet? Is the software in the engine control module up to date?
So many things to check before replacing parts, I hate to see you waste your money. Have you read on other forums that this is a common problem?
Sounds like you've done your homework and performed all the appropriate steps to make an educated guess, and that is totally understandable. Good Luck and I hope it works out!
Hey Burt,
Thanks for the update, hopefully others will see this and be helped by your solution.
Take 'er easy

Thanks for the response. Have not figured it out yet and everything I have read on other message boards, the crank sensor isn't fun to replace so I am planning on taking it to the dealership and just telling them to do it. Hope that works...
The Chevy dealership did the diag and there are no codes. Performed fuel pump pressure check and it's good. One forum,, has a pretty good discussion on the 8.1 and this problem and the crank sensor seems the most "likely" suspect. Almost a recall, but not enough problems reported and my truck is a 2002 with 100K so way past any future recalls. Still like the truck and runs great except for this problem. My brother-in-law owns the particular dealership and this is where I bought the truck and many other vehicles so I know the shop very well and trust them. They had a phrase for this type of problem vehicle but would most likely get flagged as inappropriate... Just phishing for more input or others that have had similar problems. Thx.
Once I get the sensor replaced I'll see how it goes for a couple of weeks and post results. Thx for the response and suggestions.
Haven't got back on the forum for a while with an update... Had the crank sensor replaced a couple of months ago, although truck isn't my daily driver and just recently drove a few hundred miles. Think this fixed my problem. Truck starts/runs just like it used too.
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