Q: Hard starting,rough running ,no tach on 1991 Ford Thunderbird SC

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When i first start my t-bird it is hard to start and when it does, it runs rough and the tach does not register and check eng light comes on. After car runs for 5 mins, tach starts to work check eng light goes out,and engine smoothes out. Any help would be greatly appreciated,car has 38,000kms orig ownr
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At that low mileage, I'd think the car does not get much driving time. You don't say what maintenance you've done. I'm suspicious of old sparkplugs or old fuel causing the trouble.
The check engine light indicates that the computer has detected a malfunction in the engine/emission control system and has diagnostic codes and data stored which would be essential in diagnosing the problem.
A technician with a scanner could access the diagnostic codes and data and then be able to give you a diagnosis.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
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