Q: WONT START COLD on 1991 Dodge Caravan

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91 caravan with 3.0 starts hard when cold any time the temp get to around 40 it wont start i have replaced the ADS (auto shutdown relay) and when its cold you can not hear the fuelpump activate. but once it gets to like 50 as soon as you turn the key you can hear the fuel pump activate and the van starts right up no problems could it be the SBEC ??
(2) Answers
There are many possible causes for hard starting, but it will need to be inspected and diagnosed. You should check for vacuum leaks and air leaks in the intake system, check to make sure the coolant temp sensor is reading properly, and check for diagnostic trouble codes for starters. If you don't have the appropriate tools and literature to tackle this, I suggest taking it to a repair shop.
Good Luck! Let us know what you find out.
I have had the same problem with my 91 Grand Caravan 3.3 V6 for three years. But this year is the worst with temps hovering below freezing all last week. I have replaced computer on firewall, starter, key switch, ignition distributor, plugs, wires, battery, terminals, and have taken apart and cleaned every connection, including all grounds. Once it starts it starts on first try all day long. It is just in the morning it will not start. I cannot hear the fuel pump either, and the valve on the top of the fuel rack only squirts gas under pressure once while pump should be on then dribbles after that. Did you ever find the problem?
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