Q: Hard Starting on 1999 Jeep Wrangler

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I have 1999 Jeep wrangler with Approx. 90,000 miles. I've recently noticed that I have to crank the engine longer before the engine starts when the engine is cold. I also had the check engine light come on approx. 4 months ago while driving on the highway.Had local mechanic Read code he said it was A TPS problem and reset set code. Could the hard start problem be related to the Throttle Position Sensor. If so how hard is this sensor to replace for a novice mechanic? Please help
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it could be if the reading is very high. above 4.5 volts goes into clear flood mode and shuts off fuel for a bit to clear out the cylinders of fuel. the tps unbolts from the side of the throttle body and is tight to get to. it needs to be set when you are done and needs a scan tool from a shop to do this. remmeber, the code number does not mean the part is bad, just the system that has a problem.

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