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Q: Hard Ride on 2004 Lincoln LS

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The ride is hard, even on the highway. I feel the road surface even if the pavement looks perfect. The tires are new and I am reasonably sure the tires and wheels are balanced properly. There is almost a subliminal constant vibration which being masked by the road variances.
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it sounds like the air suspension has a problem.
take it to a shop and verify the system is acting correctly. when it malfunctions, the hard ride is the result.

Roy - this one doesn't have air are dead on when it comes to a Town Car or Continental, for sure.

My thinking is that the new tires don't have the comfortable ride that your old ones did. The LS has a firm suspension, to be sure - European style like a BMW and such. The Michelin tires standard on the 17" size are very specific to the vehicle, and support the ride quality that the car desires. If you have the 16" tires - they I believe were Continental and were also fitted for the car.

Separate from that, your LS has a fairly common potential for wheel bearing issues. If you're getting any abnormal kind of a grind - I would have your wheels checked for good rotation and movement - making sure there is no wheel bearing drag.

Good luck.
Thanks, I think you are on to something with the tires. I recently bought the car and found that it hat been sitting for a long time. The wheels are 17" and the tires were Continental and the dealer had trouble trying to get them balanced. The dealer replaced the tires with NANKANG tires which I know are low price tires because I put those on my old LS to sell it. I was thinking of the Michlin tires but wanted to be reasonably shure that that was the problem before I spent the $.
I owned this car - a 2002 model - and had the 17" Michelins.

They were hands down the BEST tires I have ever had the pleasure of driving on and owning.

I actually got 90,000+ miles out of my original tires (!!!) Incredible, really. I loved that car, loved those tires. When I replaced the tires, I bit the bullet and spent the $1,000 on new ones. Make sure they are the same originals (I don't recall the model - but there is only one in that size I believe), and you will not be disappointed.

Your caution is appreciated, no doubt...

I put new Bridgestone tires on. The overall ride is better, however the background vibration, which comes and goes, is still there. I have read at least one LS owner had U joint problems and another with a driveshaft problem. I read that Lincoln changed the suspension in 2004. Maybe that is just the way it rides which may be why the LS was canceled in 2006. My 2000 LS was a great car.
No Michelin's available?

I wouldn't trust anything else, honestly. They were engineered with great care for this car.

You could have a U Joint problem, although I had never heard of any common ones, it could be true. Shift to neutral at speed and see if it helps any - with an unloaded drive shaft it should reduce the vibration you experience.

I still regret the day I decided to sell mine............I really should have kept it. I actually bought a BMW 335i new, and was really dissatisfied. Although the 335 had torque and horsepower galore, it just couldn't keep the tires from burning out (not by me burning out...just normal wear), and consequently made for a miserable ownership experience. Had I kept the LS (V6, 5 speed manual trans), I would have likely maintained a great car beyond the 100,000 mile I already had. Ah well.
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