Q: hard hard shift when excelerating on 2005 Hyundai Sonata

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When I excelerate fast(like going to pass someone)my car will shift hard, it's more like a slam. I think between 2nd&3rd. It doesn't do it when excelerating normally. Also when doing a california stop, when I press on the gas there's a delay, pushing on gas but not realing going anywhere,it's only a few seconds, then it will excelerate. No lights come on. Tranny shop hasn't found out what it is. It's been doing it for about 30,000 miles
(1) Answer
There is a technical Service Bulletin for this problem from Hyundai. It is 08-AT-003 and has to do with delayed shifting etc. There are actually 15 service bulletins for the transmission on your Transmission, so this unit has had its problems. I am surprised that the Transmission Shop was not aware of this did not mention this fact. Maybe you should call the Dealership and ask about this bulletin, it may be covered under an extension of the basic warranty.
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