Q: Hard Brake Pedal on 1998 Mitsubishi Galant

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Ok I just had my brake light switch replaced 2 days ao. Prior to that I got my brakes done March 2010. No problems with the brakes at all. Car driving fine before my brakes lights went out. The next morning after getting switch installed I drove about 3 blocks and notice a little tightness in the brake pedal. I drove about 1 mile and the pedal became very hard. I still had power to stop but the pedal didn't go down. Then shortly after I smelled smoke and there was smoke coming from bothe front wheels. Also while I was experiencing the hard pedal when I would take my foot off the gas the car would not accelerate as normal.

I did do the booster check later on by putting my foot on the brake and starting it up and my pedal did the normal and depressed a little. I pumped the brakes after turning it off and it was as normal so I think I can maybe rule out the booster.

Would the brake light switch cause any of this?
Can it be installed wrong?
Or do you thinks its Calipiers
or Bad hose?
(1) Answer
I think that the brake pedal free play was miss adjusted when the shop installed the new brake light switch. This can cause the brakes to drag, thus causing the smoke etc. Take the car back to the shop ASAP and have them correct the problem.