Q: Hard acceleration, sputtering, could it be my fuel filter? on 1991 Honda Civic

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I just bought my Honda, and already had my oil pain fixed, and a brand new radiator and upper house. But the day I had my radiator fixed I took it for a drive, and the car was really hard to accelerate. It makes a sputtering noise, and I'm curious as to what it is? And if it is even worth fixing. Please help me.
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Maybe it got coolant or water on the sparkplug wires or the distributor and it's causing misfire because the high-voltage is shorting out under acceleration. Check for water in the distributor cap and check for the plug wires shorting too. If you need to buy plug wires and distributor cap and rotor, that's not too bad.
My friend said it's possible to be the fuel filter too, but I find that odd since it hadn't done any of that until my radiator and upper hose was fixed. I'll check that out, thank you.
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