Q: Half shaft removal on 1999 Chrysler 300M

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Im trying to remove the right half shaft but the inner joint is stuck i cant pry it out, it is the snap ring type im sure, other mechanics said they were real tough and they had to disassemble the inner joint on the new part and put the bearings in the old cup that is stuck,i cant do this because the new part is an update and is alittle different,does anyone have knowledge of these?
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I use a 2 1/2 foot pry par and hit it with a sledge hammer one end of the bar.Im afriad ill break something
the reason u cant remove it is because rust has gotten in where the expansion clip is located and the clip can't be compressed when you pry off the CV spline - the easiest way is -- get a dremel with a cutting disk and cut thru the CV axle spline -- watch u dont cut the splines on the trans shaft just make 2 cuts about 90 - 180 degrees apart - get a screwdriver jam it in the cuts and the CV cast iron will break away -- only takes 20 minutes to get 'er done -- easy- and then when you put it back together - use a lot of synthtic grease on the trans splines to keep water out of it
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