Q: had trouble starting my car earlier,had power but turning the key did nothing on 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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I was going to have the car towed but when the tow driver got there,he said that it had a recall. he turn the key forward and shifted to drive n neutral n reverse then put it back to park turn the key all the way and the car started. first time it has everdone this. anybody know what the problem is?
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Possible shift cable, trans position switch. Call the dealer and ask if it has a recall, they might ask for your Vin#.
It sounds like the safety neutral switch is either defective or misadjusted. The easiest way to tell is to set the park brake, turn the ignition on and shift the transmission in reverse. If the reverse lights are on, the switch is defective. If they are off, the switch needs adjusting. They are known to get loose from engine vibration. There are no recalls or TSB's on this problem in the database.
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Some now days are not called neutral safety switches anymore. That why it was phrased the way it was.
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